project Bystricka


SIEBERT+TALAŠ won with their submitted project a tender in architecture regarding a construction of flats in Bystrická street, Devínska Nová Ves, Bratislava, which was called for by IURIS, a renowned developer. This construction project shall further develop this part of Bratislava, which is an important urban zone at the outskirts of the capital.

The developer requested in the tender to create high-quality housing with low-budget flats of different sizes and to bring comfort and quality of living not only to the long-term citizens in the given area but also to newcomers who often relocate to the capital because of work, such as in the nearby automobile factory of VW.

The winning project design by SIEBERT+TALAŠ divides housing into three identical sun-oriented buildings. By combining appropriate dispositions of the flats with their variability and arrangement we created an optimal mixture for housing that is bound to satisfy the needs of their future inhabitants.

It is a complex design, which on one hand fulfills all current ecological and energy-saving demands and at the same time lets its future inhabitants choose from various floor-plan alternatives, including large balconies, front gardens on the ground floor and terraces on the roofs. The surroundings of the flat buildings shall encompass a park that would be available not only to the inhabitants but also to general public.

By designing the Project Bystrická in Devínska Nová Ves, SIEBERT+TALAŠ defined a new dimension of budget-conscious development on the strong local housing market.