Siebert + Talaš participated in a competition JYVÄSKYLÄ

Siebert + Talaš participated in a competition regarding an extension between the Alvar Aalto Museum and the Museum of Central Finland, both designed by one of the most significant architects of modern times, Alvar Aalto.

The proposal is based on the main idea of connecting two independent museums and creating a new contemporary space in between. The main goal of the extension is not to compete with the architect’s legacy but rather to form a natural relationship with the buildings, the adjacent natural surroundings and with the university plaza.

While passing by Aalto’s existing water basins and the new enlarged café terraces, visitors may easily access the extension through a pleasant pedestrian path integrated into a mild slope. The interior area is split in two parts where one part connects the two museums in a mild gradient whereas the other part is flat and the difference in levels is evened out at the end by a flight of stairs. Both provide for a smooth passage of visitors and for a greater  merchandising area of the Alvar Aalto Foundation. Subtle trees planted in a zigzag shaped skylight in the central area dampen the overall visual impact of the modern construction. Trees, natural light and a thin water layer on the top roof with a number of glass openings accentuate the existing character of the area where greenery and light manifest.

The appearance of the new extension will change according to the seasons and its top roof part will meld into the surrounding vegetation.