Prima Banka


During 2012 – 2014 SIEBERT + TALAŠ redesigned already seventy-one Prima Banka branches.

Prima Banka is a Slovak bank, which decided in line with its business strategy to expand into all seventy-nine district towns in Slovakia. By redesigning the last branch in Bratislava, Dlhé Diely, (the 100th branch) this plan was completed in autumn 2014 and Prima Banka became the third bank in Slovakia in terms of number of branches. SIEBERT + TALAŠ created a concept for the client that takes into account all the specificities of a bank’s needs, most of all the speedy construction and universality of the solution (the design is applicable to historical or modern interiors). Colours and the design of all features appeal through its universality to the clientele and also express an innovative approach to banking, which Prima Banka introduced on the market (the bank narrowed down its number of products to the minimum) – simplicity of the interior is key to the transparency of the design.