Standardised Processes

S+T has always had established company structures, which are being continuosly innovated on a professional basis with help of professional advisors. Divided into project teams, project managers lead projects from beginning to completion, thus ensuring consistency, quality and delivery.

Design Board

Design Board is an important part of the S+T organisation as it provides sharing of know-how, continuous improvement of our work, better results and innovation. Design consistency is driven by the Design Board – any design has to go through an internal review.

Information System

Our own tailor-made information system and own production cycle provide an overview, ensure responsibility, and maintain timetable discipline and process coordination.

Cost Control

Thanks to Cost Control, the respective project is monitored with the aim to adhere to the investment budget. The client is involved in the design process in order to take decisions on budgetary matters during the design process.


We value our clients’ opinions. We strive for exceeding their expectations and thereby increasing the value of their investment. We care about clients‘ opinions – their feedback is important for the evolution of S+T. Functionality is a Must / Design brings more added value

S+T is organized in a way that supports clients at every stage of the design cycle, from initial strategy and design planning through implementation and management.


We bring together architects, engineers, consultants who give their best throughout the process. We care about our project from its inception to completion.