Location:  Anapa     

Country:  Russian Federation 

Appointment: 2007      

Basic data:    5.000 m2 

International Architectural Design Competition – 2nd Place

Client:  Eastfield Development  

S+T Partner: Roman Talas        

S+T Architect: Matej Siebert, Ondrej Horvath      

Collaborating Architect: Matus Janota

SIEBERT + TALAŠ took part in an international architectural competition for the design of a wine-producing facility near the well-known tourist area of Anapa, situated on the banks of the Black Sea in the Russian Federation.

The design included creating a large wine-producing capacity and further possibilities for visitors whose experience of their visit does not limit itself only to wine tasting but also includes a tour of the site and provides for wine shopping with the option to store the shopped wine in specialized rooms on the premises.

The approach chosen for this design was to support the integration of a great building mass into the fascinating natural scenery of vineyards (the master-plan concept of placing other functions in the locality was created by Foster+Partners).

A long line of a stone fence is integrated into the scenery and hides all technological rooms at the same time. Visitors’ area is open facing the landscape and offers great views as if watching it on a big screen. The tower above the composition encompasses stored wine.

We are proud to announce that our design was awarded the 2nd place in the international architectural competition.