Location: Mlynske nivy, Bratislava
Country: Slovakia
Appointment: 2007
Basic data: 110,000 m2
Budget: 100,00 mio €

Client: Nivy Slovakia, s.r.o.
International Architect: RMJM
S+T Team: Karla Chebenova, Miguel Garcia, Robert Braz, Juraj Talas, Matej Siebert, Roman Talas, Richard Kralovic

The project is part of a large city The Enhanced Eastwards Brownfield site, located in the vicinity of the project Harbour City. It is mostly a flat refill suitably complemented functional mix in the territory of the city. The starting creative concept of the international architect has been significantly modified and implemented to meet domestic legislation conditions with significantly strict regulation of daylight rules, fire protection, parking concept and as well as other domestic standard housing. Houses are designed to fulfill typically Metsu density with a smaller share of home altitude as required by local market practices.

We see the project as an opportunity of extension of the Bratislava Mlynske Nivy district renewal strategies of the Master plan characterized by its public squares, promenades, and parks. Directed towards a mid-class local market environment and benefiting from good value to price ratio, the project reflects the desire for the quality of living. The project is flexible and allows each of the eight planned housing phases to operate independently, while in the future still ensuring its full integration to the city organism after its completion.