Location: Einsteinova, Bratislava
Country: Slovakia
Appointment: 2011
Construction start: 2012
Basic data: 42,500 m2
Budget: 35,00 mio €
Client: IPD International Property Development

S+T Team: Slavomir Valigursky, Matej Siebert, Roman Talas, Robert Braz, Martin Bohumel, Roman Dibarbora
Structural Engineer: PRODIS: Vladimir Kohut,
M+E: HKL-TB, Matton
Fire protection: L. Vyrubal
Landscape Architect: Katarina Serbinova

The project is located on the city axis of Einsteinova, which is a major thoroughfare. Both sides of the thoroughfare are gradually updated with new objects with different scales and functions. The nature of the proposed project corresponds with the position, its mass constitutes and genuine dominant environment.

From the old town (position of the castle) the object is perceived as a specimen, growing out of the green park of Sada Janka Kráľa. The relationship of the park is not only important for urban planning of the city, but also for the project itself. “Pulled in” green in the project was crucial for positive public acceptance.

The project is an office building with flexible spaces. Position of vertical core in the middle of the space plan allows maximum flexibility for working places located along the façade and is in accordance with strict local daylight regulation.

To create a unique architecture, SIEBERT + TALAŠ uniquely designed double facades, meeting the criteria for energy management, sun protection and protection against noise from the adjacent thoroughfare. Double façade glass plates are staggered, allowing them to naturally ventilate.

Fulfilling the high standards of energy efficiency, material resources, health and inner peace, land use and ecology, environmental pollution are amoung of our common objectives. The resulting architectural concept creates conditions to achieve the BREEAM high degree evolution standard of “Excellent”.