Location:   Bratislava

Country:  Slovakia

Appointment:  2010

Construction start:  2014

Completion:  2015

Basic data:  Gross Leaseable Area 15 618 m2

Budget:  N/A

Client:  HB Reavis

S+T Detail design Team:  Matej Siebert, Imrich Palkov, Tomáš Mihok, Ján Fridrich, Mária Cibuľová, Monika Uhnáková, Zuzana Ditteová, Andrej Šimko, Lukáš Zelený, Anton Gergely, Marek Ortuta, Zdenko Dekan, Róbert Bráz, Andrea Bognárová, Peter Hrebík.

Project Engineer / Project Manager:  Imrich Palkov

Twin City is a project from the renowned Slovak development group HB Reavis and it is the largest poly-functional building in Central Europe comprising a project for the new Nivy central bus station building as well. Upon completion of this complex of buildings a new business district will emerge that is going to bring a desolate industrial area of Bratislava back to life.

Due to the fact that Twin City lies very close to Bratislava’s historical city centre, Twin City brings on one hand an added architectural value by creating new green spaces and shopping areas and on the other it enhances the original leisure and shopping zone of Bratislava‘s city centre and not its peripheries. Brick-layered façades are meant to resemble traditional industrial architecture highlighting the original character and purpose of this zone. By applying smart technologies, an efficient and effective building management is going to not only save costs but also be friendly towards the environment.

After more than 7 years of design work and despite a technologically challenging character of the construction, Twin City has become the first significant and successful project since the start of the economic downturn, which at the same time points to a positive trend in the further development on the Slovak market.

SIEBERT+ TALAŠ finished their design works on Twin City – Building A also by the acquisition of CEPM (Central European Project Management) in Q1/ 2014 who were responsible for the preparation of all the levels of documentation, including the concept and permitting documentation, namely: Author: Ing. arch. Ladislav Nagy; Co-Authors: Ing. arch. Miroslav Prokopič, Dipl. Ing. Zuzana Nágelová, Ing. arch. Zuzana Farkašová, Ing. arch. Kristína Martoníková, Ing. arch. Martin Tribus, Ing. arch. Milan Škorupa, Ing. arch. Igor Lauko, Ing. arch. Andrej Boroš, Ing. arch. Zuzana Ditteová, Ing. arch. Timea Faragó. The as-built documentation was handed over at the end of September 2015, which marked the completion of the design works on Building A – the first out of three buildings in the Twin City South Zone. Building A offers a leasable area of 15 618 m2 and is already nearly fully occupied by international as well as Slovak tenants. SIEBERT+TALAŠ continue in their works on the design of Building B of Twin City South with an anticipated date of completion in the first quarter of 2016. Building B shall offer more than 23 000 m2 of gross leasable area and like Building A it was rated as BREEAM excellent.