Location: Nitrianska, Piestany
Country: Slovakia
Appointment: 2003
Construction start: 2004
Completion: 2005
Basic data: 2.300 m2
Budget: 1,500 mio €

Client: Slovenska Sporitelna, a.s.
S+T Team: Slavomir Valigursky, Martin Marusinec, Matej Siebert, Roman Talas, Veronika Streicher.
Structural Engineer: Pavol Panak
M+E: Klimatech,
Fire protection: L. Vyrubal
Media: Atrium Magazine, 2009

Piestany has enjoyed the architectural prosperity of this famed spa city. The Art Nouveau costume bath houses were updated by functionalist followers with more quality works, upholding the reputation of local building culture. The Slovak Savings Bank has a similar long tradition, which in conjunction with international know –how and confident control attributed to a successful modern institution. These, of course, also include openness to current trends in architecture and the necessity of their connection with their own corporate identity. Revamping its affiliate in Piestany required entrusting an architect of the same orientation , studio SIEBERT + TALAŠ. The Slovenska Sporitelna branch in Piestany is located in a building from the glamorous 30’s with typical signs of the then popular "peasant cash".

Sober expression and mirrored layout is not only contemporary image of modern architecture, but also a rational prudent financial institution. Even today it is the same. Architects from SIEBERT + TALAŠ underwent a thorough reconstruction so that everything fell into the equation = modern bank performance, information technology operations, runtime, comfortable environment, with the new space programme requirements, the first residential floor has been opened up with a sculptural staircase. The large aperture and sculptural mass red staircase attracts clients to counseling sites. Color is an important part of the whole concept. The original cultured gray- beige has joined the standard type of quality furniture in gray tones. New features will vivid colors - from yellow through orange to dark red to create a contrast between the old ( but good ) and the new. Siebert and Talaš often work with transparent or matte glass, metal and bold colored surfaces and the Piestany project lives up to that.