Location: Cunovo, Bratislava
Country: Slovakia
Appointment: 2011
Basic data: 46.000 m2
Budget: 35,00 mio €

International Architectural Design
Competition, 3rd prize
Client: Danubia Invest, a.s.
S+T Team: Roman Talas, Karla Chebenova, Miguel Garcia, Roman Dibarbora, Richard Kralovic

Project is situates various leisure activities including apartments, at the bank of the Danube river. The main architectural task is to preserve existing natural resources and qualities of the Danube.

To create a new neighbourhood in such fragile natural conditions, SIEBERT + TALAS has identified qualities and clarified what identity and attractiveness will bring benefits to both the city and its inhabitants. SIEBERT + TALAS designed a method of urbanism that respects human scale with natural resources while holding a strong identity.

The typical Apartment building is organized in the form of two masses connected both through the plinth in the ground floor housing retail and parking function. Connections above are solved via bridges ensuring both horizontal communication and inhabitants social interactions. Therewith, created interspaces which serve as a green garden for the residents.

Apartment buildings are individually adjusted creating varieties, consisting of various protruding balconies and movable shades as an answer to location and natural phenomena of water, wind and sun.