Masshtab BLOCK


Location: Moscow
Country: Russia
Appointment: 2010
Basic data: 36.000 m2

Client: Mashtab Development Company
S+T Team: Ondrej Horvath, Matej Siebert, Roman Talas, Andrea Bognarova, Erik Horak

A101 is a project for a new city of 150.000 people and 13 million m2 of housing near Moscow and the largest development of the Masstab Company. The planning for the city was designed by an international group headed by Maxwan. Masshtab Block brings solutions for a typical Urban Block Standard.

The SIEBERT + TALAŠ Proposal named “LAY WITH ME is a reaction to social, economical and cultural issues of contemporary urban life. Offering different types of positive values to inhabitants, neighbours, pedestrians, the greater community, city economy, and traffic. Inhabitants enjoy their cosy dual-façade apartments with balconies, semiprivate courtyard, green roof terraces, common spaces and local businesses. Neighbours living in the surrounding area can meet at the ground floor café across the street, enjoy a talk with another dog-owner at the „corner park“, and take their kids to the quiet inner-courtyard kindergarten. Street walkers will drop in the newsagent to pick up a magazine to read under the shelter of the cantilevering apartment house while waiting at the bus stop in the rain. The district is happy to have lively sunny streets with multiple opportunities for social interaction. Small businesses are supporting the local economy and their extended morning-evening opening hours help to improve the safety of the area while people are away at work.