Location: Mlynske nivy, Bratislava
Country: Slovakia
Appointment: 2006
Construction start: 2007
Completion: 2010
Basic data: 16.000 m2
Budget: 22,000 mio €
Client: SPP (Slovak Gas Industry) 
Landscape Architect: K. Serbinova 

S+T Team: Marek Ortuta, Slavomir Valigursky, Lukas Zeleny, Peter Medla, Jana Medlova, Alexandra Mitlikova, Lucia Rybarikova, Svetlana Zimanova, Nela Markova, Martin Marusinec, Adam Dzamba, Veronika Uhrinova, Jana Bosa, Michal Makara, Ondrej Miklanek, Matej Siebert, Roman Talas and others

Structural Engineer: Schmuck + Schmuck
M+E: Klimatech, DOSKRTA
Fire protection: L. Vyrubal

The site of the new office building is located within the premises of the Headquarters of Slovak Gas Industry, Bratislava. The order to construct a new object was to optimize workplaces within the campus, concentrating offices into one complex, interconnected by corridors and connecting bridges.

Object color and proportion match other buildings of SPP. The dark color was chosen deliberately to rhythmical existing bright cross mounted objects and dark longitudinally mounted objects. The design creates a possibility of linking existing office buildings. The main entrance to the office is axially mounted on arrival head.

Architectural design is based on functional use, in the building, are designed offices for about 400 employees, mostly in separate 1- or 2- person- offices. On the ground floor (partly 2 stories high) are placed additional features - entrance lobby, reception, a multi-purpose meeting room, and a Kindergarten as a part of a wide social programme.

The building is accessible also for people from outside - a Gallery for Modern Art and a Client`s Center is located on the ground floor. The Building is one of most Energy efficient and Green in Slovakia, due to its sophisticated Energy Concept. The building uses its own power plant, which produces except for electro in winter times, warmth for heating and cool air in summer times. The building is fully shaded, all gears are controlled by a intelligent Building Control System.