Location: Zochova, Bratislava
Country: Slovakia
Appointment: 2012
Construction start: 2013
Completion: 2014
Basic data: 1,000 m2
Budget: 0,95 mio €
Client: Zochova 3 

S+T Team: Matej Siebert, Roman Talas, Marian Vido, Lukas Zeleny, Alena Pecikova, Slavomir Valigursky, Roman Dibarbora
Structural Engineer: PRODIS: Katarina Kyselova, Vladimir Kohut
M+E: L. Navarcik, J. Stacho, FELS
Fire protection: L. Vyrubal
Landscape Architect: K. Serbinova

Since 1888 the building on Zochovej 3 has served as a secondary (city) school, later as a kindergarten. Located in the city center and because of its history it is listed as a national cultural heritage site, recently it has not been used, which has lead to its poor technical condition.

SIEBERT + TALAŠ was invited to the reconstruction of this exceptional structure, to updated it to modern standards with a historical appearance.

Part of the restoration is a precise reconstruction of the roof and eclectic façade, interior fittings and renovation. It will provide a unique space after its completion.

The historic building of the former school from 1888 is situated in the city centre. Siebert + Talas was committed to redeveloping the building for new functions.