Location: Taichung
Country: Taiwan
Appointment: 2013
Basic data: 62,500 m2
Budget: 60.600 mio €

Client: City of Taichung
S+T Team: Matej Siebert, Roman Talas, Slavomir Valigursky, Zuzana Ilavska, Martin Bohumel,
Roman Dibarbora, Richard Kralovic

The site of the architectural competition is located in the third largest city in Taiwan, in the development zone, a former military airport. The content of the competition was to design a public library and Museum of Fine Arts on the northwest edge of the park designed by Catherine Mosbach.

The proposal is based on continuation of the park over the area of the proposed cultural center in the form of elevated green boxes, allowing the library and museum direct contact with the park, where they are located.

Utilitarian spaces of museum and library are located in two volumes, irregularly cantilevered and recessed, and so creating terraces, shaded areas and main public inner space. The load bearing structure is supported on two solid volumes of the buildings of the cultural centre and is based on the principle of a diagonal grid of curved beams. The elevated green boxes above the structure follow its curvature.

Continuous elevation of the green cover allows the movement of visitors from the ground level, through this elevated green public space, directly to the buildings behind. The main entrance space is located in between two buildings of the cultural centre, under the green cover.

Strong architectural gesture, respect for aspects of its context and clear functional division helped to create a viable proposal for a new cultural centre for Taichung.