Location: Culenova, Bratislava
Country: Slovakia
Appointment: 2009
Basic data: 150.000 m2
Budget: 125,00 mio €

Collaborating Architect: Francisco Mangado
S+T Team: Ondrej Horvath, Miguel Garcia, Veronika Polacekova, Alena Pecikova, Matej Siebert, Roman Talas, Richard Kralovic, Veronika Streicher.

The fundamental idea is a creation of a "central park" where the most significant protagonist is the pre-existing industrial zone. A central park defined by two complementary urban scales. On the one hand defined by the lower perimeter “plinth“ of the buildings, with more human scale, constructed of glass in order to seek transparency and those who work and live in them to have a direct relationship with the landscaping and trees in the park. On the other side, defined by the residential and office towers that are placed above, on the lower perimeter part. A scale in this case refers to the whole of the city and its landscape itself, where the relationship between user and the city is done in the distance, contemplating perspectives to the city of Bratislava and the Danube River.
A proposal that in its unity alternates two urban dimensions, two different answers both consistent with the understanding of a public space and the city itself. And a proposal as well that is able to generate two images, more public, which is characteristic for the park and the lower plinth, and the more iconic one, representative offered in the distance.