Location: Partizanska, Bratislava
Country: Slovakia
Appointment: 2007
Construction start: 2009
Basic data: 5,550 m2

Budget: 3.330 mio €
Client: HORNEX
International Architect: ISV Architects
S+T Team: Robert Braz, Lubomir Okruhlica, Alena Pecikova, Juraj Talas, Matej Siebert Roman Talas

The project is a Apartment house in an excellent area of ​​the city embedded into an existing structure. The original proposal proved to be unviable in the building procedure and SIEBERT + TALAS was invited for collaboration on the project to update it to domestic legislation.

The residential center for Partisan Street in Bratislava, located in the lucrative city of Palisades. A 3 story + 1 relief was designed, which respects the height of its soundings. The building was conceived as a three-dimensional network, homogeneous system of horizontal and vertical elements (expressed inter-flat structures balconies and dividing elements), which is typically a division of the interior and constitutes of the building’s core. This achieved perforation of the main volume of the building, its hollow core action, penetration of daylight through the all-glass surfaces in the residential areas.

Between the proposed and existing objects are wide strips of green natural areas for which there are existing, as well as newly designed greenery. Foliage disrupts the regular structure of the building, all-glass surface which allows the passage of natural elements into the housing.